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Spedycja - Pośrednictwo w Transporcie
Międzynarodowym i Krajowym Jolanta Urban

International and Domestic Transport

The Offering

With pleasure and honour, we wish to offer to work with you in International Transport and Freight Forwarding.

„NYSA” - Jolanta Urban is a privately-held company. In the market since 1997, we have our own vehicle fleet, as well as 150 vehicles under permanent contracts with our company.

Our core business profile includes the following:

  • Transport and freight forwarding.
  • Specialised in 1 to 25 ton transport.
  • Oversize and high-cube transport.

We provide transport services all over Europe (with preferred destinations including Germany, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and CIS countries).

We provide quick and reliable service, and our cargo is covered by basic carrier TPL insurance adequate to the transported goods' value.

Additionally, all our drivers are well-trained, and their key task is to deliver the cargo to the destination without the slightest damage.

Equipped with mobile phones, drivers can call the company at any time if anything changes to receive new information on changed cargo load amount and route details.

„NYSA” can adapt to and fully accept each customer's unique way of doing business. We focus on customer satisfaction, and we work to contribute to our business partners' market success.


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