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Spedycja - Pośrednictwo w Transporcie
Międzynarodowym i Krajowym Jolanta Urban

International and Domestic Transport

The History

Back in 1997, Jolanta Urban (owner) decided to set up a freight forwarding business. The beginning was a little hard, as she had to do all the work herself, serving as a freight forwarder, clerk and head accountant all in one. Gradually, however, she began to delegate responsibility to new employees. Whether by accident or by design is not known to this day, but all the new people she hired were women. This created a 'feminine' freight forwarding company—a rare occurrence in the industry—which over time transformed into a freight forwarding and transport business. One thing at a time, though. Initially, „NYSA” employed three freight forwarders and an accounting clerk. Hard work started, which allowed the company to grow tremendously. Number one priority was to satisfy the needs of a key business partner, who needed trailers called 'boardless curtainsiders'. It was quite a challenge at the time, with very few trailers of the type available on the market. However, women are generally known to love challenges, so the goal was achieved. This led to an agreement with the strategic customer and successful cooperation that lasts to this day.

Two years on, new freight forwarders joined the company, the accounting department was extended, and now „NYSA” employs sixteen people.

In 1999, Jolanta Urban decided to add transport to her business portfolio. Sniggering comments abounded at the time from skeptical people, who said that women in transport simply don't work. But with the girls stubborn and confident, the company's first own TIR truck appeared in the yard in December. The Scania R 124L became their pride and the company's flagship on international routes. That was when a breakthrough move came. The company employed its first man (driver). From that point, it all developed very quickly: new vehicles, new people, new customers. Today, thanks to the qualified staff and determined owner, „NYSA” is a dynamic company which serves both domestic and international business partners.

„NYSA” is an example that women are as good as men in transport. And maybe even better?


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